Student Placements

If you are looking to do your elective or placement with an independent or self-employed midwife in Ireland, I'm very sorry but I'm not taking students yet. I only have a few clients a year as I am only starting out, and I'm not busy enough for you to fulfil your hours/week requirements. Some weeks I only work a few hours. When I get busier, I will update this, as I would really love to have some students work with me on placement.


Becoming a Student Midwife

My first website was started when I was a student midwife myself, I found there was a serious lack of realistic insights into the daily life of a student midwife, and I decided to fill that gap for the brave souls who were following the same road behind me. I wrote about my experiences on various different types of wards, and I was frank and clear about the challenges, especially when it came to balancing out study, shifts and family life. 

That website is still available here